Property Claims


Property Claims

By admin 10 February 2020

Perez, Salgado, Thomas + Lewis, P.A. has extensive experience in the area of first party property claims relating to both residential and commercial properties. Our firm has handled all aspects of property claims, including but not limited to sinkhole, wind, water damage, theft, lightning, hurricane, hail, fire, and bad-faith, both in pre-suit and litigation throughout the state of Florida.

Due to the weather conditions, and other factors, the legal landscape relating to property claims in Florida is ever changing. The key to the effective handling of property claims, whether it is a residential or commercial or loss, is understanding the proper interpretation of the unique terms and provisions of each policy.

The presence or absence of one word, or sometimes even a letter, can mean the difference between a covered or excluded loss. Our attorneys understands these issues and have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with efficient and effective results in property claims.


Our personal commitment to you

Beginning with the initial evaluation, and throughout the litigation of the case, our lawyers maintain personal contact to ensure the case strategy changes with any issues discovered during the litigation process and ensure you are made aware of all options moving forward.

Our client referrals and recommendations

We have developed a respected reputation and industry leading proficiency in property law. We're proud of our demonstrated success in representing our clients in property cases.

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  • Using scenario testing as a fundamental element of risk mitigation.

  • Avoiding common errors which could jeopardise the claim.

  • Proving the claim effectively and efficiently.

  • Learning from losses, near-misses, and incidents, to “close the claims loop”.


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